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Having complete and accurate medical records is the best way in which you can help your case for Social Security Disability benefits. If you are having problems affording medical care, the Social Security Help Center can assist you to find No Cost or Low Cost medical care in Illinois.

American Indian Health Services

838 W. Irving Park Rd., IL
Phone #: (773) 883-1551
General dental services available to the public, with a discount only for Native Americans. Ask to speak with the dentist on staff to find out the times they need help or to get more information.

Better Existence with HIV (BE-HIV)

6924 N. Glenwood Avenue, IL
Phone #: 773-381-6300
Tuesdays 9:00am – 6:00pm, Wednesdays 9:00am – 5:00pm, Thursdays 9:00am – 6:00pm, Fridays 9:00am – 6:00pm

Bridgeview Dental Clinic

Phone #: (708) 974-6160
Accepts Public Aid for residents of Cook County suburbs, general dental care for ages 3 and up. Patients fees based on income.

Chicago Department of Health

1306 S. MichiganAve., IL
Phone #: (312) 747-5400
Mon(8:30-4:30)Tues&Wed(11:30-7:30) Thurs&Fri( 8:30 / -4:30) Sat.( 8:00-4:00)

Chicago Family Health Center

9119 S. Exchange, IL
Phone #: (773)768-5000
Offers general dental care with sliding scale fees for those with low-income.


Franciscan Mothers Homeless Shelter Clinic

2715 W. Harrison St.
Chicago , IL
Phone #: (312) 942-8116
Director: Claudia Baier


Family Health Society, Inc.

44 West Lincoln Highway
Chicago Heights, IL
Director: Marylin C. Turner

IMAN Health Clinic Initiative

6248 S. Spaulding
Chicago , IL
Phone #: (773) 425 4898

The Chicago Medical School Health Care Project VA Hospital, Building 5, (HCP Clinic)

3001 Green Bay Rd
Chicago, IL
Hours: Monday, 5-9 PMService for homeless/uninsured

Cicero Dental Clinic

4937 W. 25th St., IL
Phone #: (708) 222-4629
Accepts Public Aid. Services for children and adults. Must live in Cicero.

Community Health Clinic

2611 W., IL
Phone #: 773-395-9808

Community Service Initiatives

1725 W. Harrison, IL
Phone #: 312-942-8116

Cook County Department of Public Health-Dental Division

Phone #: (708)492-2140
This agency will give referrals to Suburban Cook County Residents Only.

1835 W. Harrison, IL
Children: (312)633-6610 Adults: (312)633-7374Fees are based on income

Cottage Grove Dental Clinic

1645 Cottage Grove Ave., IL
Phone #: (708)758-7077
Accepts Public Aid in emergency situations. Clinic provides limited services. Will provide service free if patient can show prove of low-income. Must live in suburban Cook County.


Vermillion Area Community Health Center

100 N. Franklin St.
Danville , IL
Phone #: (217) 442-8790
Director: Pam Burgoyne, Director

Dental Care for children

1931 S. Ashland Ave., IL
Phone #: (312)746-5165
General Dental Care. They do accept Public Aid for children up to 20 yrs. They also have Kid Care Program.

Des Plaines Community Senior Center

515 Thacker St., IL
Phone #: (847)391-5717
Must be 55 and over to qualify. Call to register. There is no cost for initial exam.

Division Dental Clinic

2632 W. Division St., IL
Phone #: (773)235-0980
General Dental Care for those with Public Aid.


Volunteer Care Center of Lee County

403 East First Street
Dixon , IL
Phone #: (815) 288-8556
Director: Judith Paterra, RN, BSN

Englewood Clinic

641 W. 63rd, IL
Phone #: (773)751-1747
HIV/AIDS and low-income seniors

Englewood STD Clinic

641 W. 63rd Street, IL
Phone #: (312) 747-8900
Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm

Evanston Dental Clinic

2100 Ridge Ave, IL
Phone #: (847) 866-2953
Accepts Public Aid. Comprehensive services for children under 18. Must live in Evanston.


1647 Cottage Grove Ave., IL
Phone #: (708)758-6884
Must live in Cook County. General dental care.

HIV Testing & Counseling – STD Clinic

945 West George, IL
Phone #: 312-871-5777

Harper College Dental Clinic (Palatine)

1200 W. Algonquin Rd., IL
Phone #: (847)925-6000

Harvey Dental Clinic

(708)333-2646, IL
Open Monday-Thursday and Saturday. Accepts the Medical Card for ages 2 to 20 only. Others must pay cash upfront. No reduced rates.

Howard Brown Health Center

4025 N. Sheridan, IL
Phone #: (773)388-1600

Howard Brown Memorial Clinic

945 West George Street, IL
Phone #: (312) 871-5777
Tue-Thu (7pm-9pm), / Sun (2pm-4pm)

Illinois Masonic Hospital Dental Division

811 W. Wellington, IL
Phone #: (773)871-1461
General Dental Care for handicapped patients based on a sliding scale. All other patients pay regular fees.

Infant Welfare Society of Chicago

1931 N. Halsted St., IL
Phone #: (312) 751-2800
General care only, accept only children up to the age of 20. Do pay their dentists, can apply to be part time staff.


Morgan-Scott Volunteer Health Clinic

1600 West Walnut, Third Floor
Jacksonville , IL
Phone #: (217) 479-5700
Director: Teresa Shroeder, RN


Will-Grundy Medical Clinic

309 N. Eastern Avenue
Joliet , IL
Phone #: (815) 726-3377
Director: Jean Roach, Executive Director

Komed Health Center

4230 S. Greenwood, IL
Phone #: (773) 268-7600
General care, cost is about $15 per visit. They accept Public Aid for those under 20 years old but they do not accept Medicare. Very willing and needy for volunteers

LaGrange Community Dental Division

27 Calendar Ct, IL
Phone #: (708)352-0081
Accepts patients from 13 surrounding suburbs. Accepts Public Aid. Handles all dental procedures

Lake County Deptartment of Health

Phone #: (847)363-6702
Services for low-income residents. They accept Public Aid.

Lakeview Clinic

288 N. Clark St., IL
Phone #: (312) 744-8829

Lakeview Clinic-HIV-AB CTS

2847 N. Clark, IL
Phone #: (312) 348-8059
Mon, Thu-Fri (8:30am-4:30pm), / Tue-Wed (12:30pm-8:30pm)

Lakeview STD Clinic

2861 N. Clark Street, IL
Phone #: (312) 744-5507
Mon, Thu-Fri (8:30am-4:30pm), / Tue-Wed (12:30pm-8:30pm)

Lower West Health Center

1713 S. Ashland, IL
Phone #: (312)746-5165
General dental care. They accept Public Aid. Other patient fees are based on income and family size.

Markham Dental Clinic

16501 Kedzie Ave., IL
Phone #: (708)210-4500
Must live in Cook County suburb. Does not accept Public Aid. Fees are based on income. General care for ages 3 and up.

Maywood Dental Clinic

Phone #: (708)450-7238
Must live in Cook County suburb qualifying for low-income. General dental care for ages 3 and up.

Mile Square Clinic

2045 W. Washington Blvd., IL
Phone #: (312)413-7830
General Dentistry For children only. They do accept the Public Aid card. Other fees are based on income.

Minority Outreach Intervention Project (MOIP)

1346 South Michigan Avenue, IL
Phone #: 312-986-0928
Tuesdays 11:00am – 6:00pm, Thursdays 11:00am – 6:00pm, Fridays 11:00am – 6:00pmFree, anonymous

Mt. Sinai Hospital Dental Clinic

200 E. 155th St., IL
Phone #: (773)257-6485
General dental care for both children and adults. They accept Public Aid. Regular fees for other patients.

Oak Forest Hospital

15900 S. Cicero Ave., IL
Phone #: (708)687-7200
Does not accept Public Aid. Fees are based on income


Oak Park-River Forest Infant Welfare Clinic

320 Lake St.
Oak Park, IL
Phone #: (708) 848-0528
Accepts children 3-18. Accepts Public Aid, all other fees based on income.

Orland Township

Phone #: (708)403-4222
For township residents only. Will give referral to a dentist who will do exam and cleaning at a discounted rate.

Pacific Garden Mission Clinic

647 S. State St, IL
Phone #: 312-922-1462

Pacific Gardens Mission

646 S. State St., IL
Phone #: (312) 922-1462, ext. 218
They have a dental clinic that is limited to residents of the mission.

Pilsen Homeless Health Services

731 West 17th Street, IL
Phone #: (312) 243-5226

Rolling Meadows Dental Clinic

Phone #: (847)818-2881
Must live in Cook County suburb with qualifying for low-income.

Roseland Clinic

200 E. 115th, IL
Phone #: (312) 747-2817

Roseland Clinic

200 E. 155th St., IL
Phone #: (312)747-2834
General dental care. Kid Care program. Fees based on income. Must live in the city of Chicago.

Salvation Army

1515 W. Monroe, IL
Phone #: (312)733-0500
They only accept appointments on Wednesdays. They accept Public Aid and the Kid Care program. All other patient fees are determined at the time of visit.

Skokie Dental Clinic

5600 Old Orchard Rd., IL
Phone #: (847)470-7398
Must live in Cook County suburb with qualifying for low income. Basic preventive dentistry for ages 3 and up.

Southside Clinic

1306 S. Michigan Ave., IL
Phone #: (312) 747-5400

Spang Dental Clinic

Phone #: (312)747-8900

St. Basil’s Dental Clinic

1850 W. Garfield Blvd., IL
Phone #: (773)436-4758
General dental care for people without dental insurance, but they must live in the area of the clinic.

St. Basil’s Free People’s Clinic

1850 W. Garfield Blvd, IL
Phone #: 773-436-4870

Stickney Township Clinic

Phone #: (708)424-9200
Must be a township resident. Free general dentistry for children through 8th grade and seniors 55 and older.

Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN)

5537 North Broadway, IL
Phone #: 773-989-9400
Wednesdays 2:00pm – 6:00pm, Thursdays 2:30pm – 5:00pm, Fridays 10:00am – 12:00pm


3246 North Halsted Street, IL
Phone #: 773-929-6081

University of Illinois Dental School

801 S. Paulina, IL
Phone #: (312)996-7555
They accept Public Aid. Otherwise they accept cash and credit. If you have an emergency, you can go there but bring $100.00 cash with you. Their hours are 8 am to 2:30 pm.

Uptown Clinic

845 W. Wilson Ave., IL
Phone #: (312) 744-7533

Uptown Neighborhood Health Center

845 W. Wilson Ave., IL
Phone #: (312)744-2115
They accept Public Aid and Kid Care. You must live in Chicago to qualify. Patients without insurance will be based on income.

Waukegan-Belvidere Medical Clinic

2400 Belvdere Rd., IL
Phone #: (847) 360-6525
Must live in Lake County. Accepts Public Aid. General dental care.

West Side Disease Control Clinic

2160 West Ogden, IL
Phone #: (312) 666-6965
Mon-Fri (8:30am-4pm)

West Town Clinic

2418 W. Division, IL
Phone #: (312) 744-5464


Peoples Resource

1506 E. Roosevelt Rd.
Wheaton, IL
Phone #: (630)690-7450
Provides services for adults and children not covered by Public Aid, Medicaid or insurance. DuPage County Only. Income guidelines.

Worth Township Health Clinic

11601 S. Pulaski Rd., IL
Phone #: (708)371-3393
Must be Worth Township resident. They offer preventive dentistry-$15 charge for cleaning and checkup. Ages 3 and up.

Zoller Memorial Dental Clinic

5811 S. Maryland, IL
Phone #: (773)702-6811
General dental, oral, maxillofacial, and pediatric dentistry. Unknown if clinic takes low-income.

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