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Gail J. Koff was the silent partner who opened the firm’s New York offices in 1980. She was dedicated to the practice until her death in 2010. Photo: Todd Mac Millan.

Jacoby & Meyers is America’s largest full-service consumer law firm, providing service to millions of clients.  The firm was founded in 1972 with the goal of making top-quality legal representation available to everyone.  Until that time, only the wealthiest people could afford lawyers, while the poorest were provided with legal aid.  This left the majority of everyday working people with very few options.  Today our New York and New Jersey offices represent plaintiffs in all types of personal injury claims – from single vehicle wrecks and traffic collisions to accidents in the workplace, slip and fall injuries, traumatic brain injuries, medical malpractice and more.

Since our founding, Jacoby & Meyers has grown to become one of the largest, best known and most innovative law firms in the country.  Although we are a large firm, we remain dedicated to providing our clients with personal service and unsurpassed legal representation while preserving your dignity and privacy. We strive to keep all communications clear and straightforward and will provide understandable case evaluations so that you fully comprehend your case.

As a Jacoby & Meyers client, you will have your own dedicated legal team. Led by an experienced attorney, your team will have the expertise necessary to meet the unique needs of your case.

What you should expect:

  • Free answers to all your questions.
  • Free home or hospital visits.
  • Free, 100% secure online access to your case file online through our website.
  • Jacoby & Meyers will only charge a legal fee if we are successful in recovering money for your claims.

As one of the country’s largest personal injury law firms, we have won tens of thousands of cases. We were among the first law firms in America to use plain English on legal documents and to recognize a Client’s Bill of Rights.

Are you wondering whether you should contact Jacoby & Meyers about your personal injury matter? Why not let Jacoby & Meyers appraise your claim over the Internet! Another innovation at Jacoby & Meyers is our Instant Interview, which can quickly appraise your claim and determine whether you should get in touch with a Jacoby & Meyers attorney.

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