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Every day, dangerous drug and defective medical device lawsuits are filed in the courts. Some of these suits have justifiable merit, while others are considered frivolous by the judges who hear these cases. By employing a professional and experienced Jacoby & Meyers dangerous drug lawyer, a client can learn whether their case has merit or not.

Medical liability law encompasses a number of disciplines. It is informed by applicable federal and state statutes, legal precedents, and developments in the understanding of legal liability and negligence as it applies to pharmaceutical manufacturers, prescribing physicians, and dispensing pharmacists. Jacoby & Meyers Mass Tort lawyers who specialize in medical liability law also keep abreast of the latest research in drug studies.

If you or someone you love has been prescribed a dangerous drug or had a medical device implanted and you were later diagnosed with injuries related to that drug or device, you should contact the experienced Jacoby & Meyers attorneys for a free case evaluation.