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What medical benefits am I entitled to following an on-the-job injury?

Under law, if you are injured at work or while performing work-related duties, you are entitled receive Workers’ Compensation benefits equal to 100% of “all necessary and reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of a job-related accident.” You should not have to pay any medical costs related to the injury, including prescriptions, emergency services, surgical fees, rehabilitation and follow-up care.

What are T.T.D. benefits?

The Worker’s Compensation Act allows an injured person to receive Total Temporary Disability benefits while they are undergoing medical care for a job-related injury. These disability benefits, equal to two-thirds of a worker’s gross wages, are designed to protect injured workers from financial hardship while they are unable to perform their job. The T.T.D. benefits allow for peace of mind and give injured workers to take the time they need to fully recover before returning to work.

T.T.D. benefits will be granted as long as the primary care physician recommends the injured worker refrain from performing his or her job. By law, T.T.D. benefits are to be paid to an injured worker within two weeks of the date that the employer is notified of the injury and disability.

How can Jacoby & Meyers help me get the workers’ compensation benefits I need?

If you are dealing with a serious job-related injury, the last thing you want to worry about is money. The Workers’ Compensation team at Jacoby & Meyers can push through the red tape to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you need. Our experienced attorneys know how to strategically help clients get their benefits as quickly as possible. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, call us today for skilled legal guidance.

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