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If you need a Green Card appeal, immigration appeal, health waiver, overstay waiver, or some other waiver, you also need an experienced immigration lawyer to help you get it. The Board of Immigration Appeal can be a frustrating roadblock for less experienced lawyers, but we have the experience to deal with it effectively.

Waivers are Customized

Each one is different, because of all the possible exceptions, the special cases, and the atypical circumstances. The immigration waiver law is affected daily by cases nationwide and keeping up with it is time-consuming. Don’t assume that if you read up a bit on the Internet that you can handle your own case.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

If you lose your immigration appeal, the consequences to you could be disastrous. If you step up and consult an immigration attorney early on, you’ll have a much better chance of winning your appeal.

You’ll have help in filing a Motion to Re-Open and Reconsider. An appeal can have a waiting period of a year or more, but with expert legal help, you could potentially cut it down to two months. Bear in mind that there are only 30 days in which you can file an appeal.

The form for the Motion to Re-Open and Reconsider is not widely available. It takes a good while to prepare, so don’t delay in calling us if you’d like to take advantage of it.

Please contact the immigration lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers today, and we can help move you forward towards a legal immigration into the U.S. We have offices throughout the U.S.