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Student visas are temporary travel permits that allow people to come to the US for study. Student visas are part of the US immigration system, but they are not generally part of the path to permanent residency or citizenship. During the course of your student visa stay or after it expires, you may face many challenges you must overcome to remain in the US. An immigration lawyer can help you with these challenges.

This page give you background information on student visas, but the best way to learn the relevant law in your case is to talk to an immigration lawyer. At Jacoby & Meyers, we have been helping people with immigration-related issues for nearly 45 years and have nationwide offices where we may be able to help you. Please call 1-800-411-4LAW or email Jacoby & Meyers for an appointment.

Applying for Student Visas

The application process for student visas takes place before you reach the US. You must apply to and be accepted at a school registered with the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. Then you have to file a form and pay a fee before completing your visa application. Finally, you complete your visa application process at an American embassy or consulate in your country.

Maintaining Student Visa Immigration Status

If you do not do everything required of you to maintain your status as a student visitor to the US, you may be arrested and put into removal proceedings. If you violate your status, you may also be barred from returning to the US lawfully for years.

Common violations that can lead to deportation include:

  • Failure to enroll
  • Unauthorized employment
  • Failure to retain full course load
  • Failure to leave at the completion of visa program

Avoiding these violations typically means filing the proper paperwork when you think you might not be able to maintain status. If your program closes or is going to close, you can transfer to another school. Employment may be authorized as part of your program or for F1 visa holders either on campus or off-campus after the first year of studies if you apply for an appropriate work visa.

If you have been told you are out of status by immigration services, you may be eligible to apply for reinstatement.

Remaining in the US after Your Program Is Complete

After you have completed your education, there are several options that will allow you to remain in the US. You can either apply for graduate school, a training program, or apply for a different type of visa.

We Can Help

With nearly 45 years of experience helping people across the country handle legal problems including immigration problems, Jacoby & Meyers has become America’s most recognized law firm. We can help you with problems related to your student visa.

Please contact Jacoby & Meyers today for an appointment at one of our offices throughout the U.S.