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There is a reason that we have insurance. We carry it to protect ourselves against the unexpected, whether it is a sudden illness, injury, or property damage. The insurance company has a duty to its customers to pay claims in accordance to the customer’s policy. When an insurance company does not deliver on this promise, they are breaching a contract with their policyholders.

Bad Faith Claims

Insurance companies are expected to treat their customers with respect and act in a fair manner. If the claim of one of their customers is wrongfully denied, it is called bad faith. Situations that result in bad faith claims are:

  • Failure of the insurance company to honor a customer’s legitimate claim
  • Postponing the claim so that payment is delayed
  • Rejecting legitimate claims when they are filed
  • Refusing to pay the entire balance of the claim
  • Failing to investigate the customer’s claim

The bad faith insurance attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers are here to fight for your rights if your insurance company has unfairly tried to underpay or deny your claim.

What if Your Claim is Denied?

If you feel that your insurance company has acted in bad faith in regards to a claim you have submitted, you do not have to accept their final answer. You can:

  • Request that a supervisor or member of management reevaluate your claim
  • Find your state’s insurance regulation agency and contact them to discuss your situation
  • Consult an experienced bad faith insurance claim attorney

If you have filed a legitimate claim with your insurance company and have been denied or underpaid, you have rights. The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers will stand up to unscrupulous insurance companies so that you can receive the benefits you rightfully deserve based on your policy.

Please contact our experienced bad faith insurance attorneys today to schedule your free initial consultation. We have offices throughout the U.S.