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It is not uncommon for banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions to violate the law. These laws may concern lending, sales, or other business practices.

Companies sometimes sell a poorly manufactured or defective product that leads to consumer injuries. Other times, businesses will engage in deceptive advertising and/or fail to reveal certain fees.

If you have been the victim of bank fraud, a faulty product or false advertising, you may be able to seek recourse in court by filing a consumer fraud claim.

Consumer Fraud and Class Action Suits

Consumer fraud and consumer class action lawsuits are civil actions brought on by one or more individuals on behalf of themselves and a larger group that has been the victim of the same or comparable experience.

The purpose of a class action is to secure a judicial remedy with the goal of eliminating the injury or wrongdoing to the involved individuals. A class action seeks to compensate these individuals for their suffering, and can involve hundreds, or even millions of people with similar claims. When a court certifies a class action, it allows all these different claims to be heard and ruled on in one trial.

Some common instances of fraud include:

  • Insurance fraud: Insurance companies are expected to provide for their policyholders when they become injured, have suffered property loss or other injury or disaster. However, sometimes in the face of a catastrophe an insurance company will say that the claims are unwarranted or not covered, and will refuse to pay the victims. Insurance fraud is a serious crime, and the experienced consumer fraud lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers will fight to protect your rights.
  • Automobile fraud: An automobile dealership can misrepresent or fail to reveal the true condition of a used vehicle, such as if it were in an accident and sustained damage. Mileage can also be falsified and the odometer tampered with. Automobile fraud may also occur when a dealership promises to provide financing options, then fails to do so and refuses to return your down payment or declines to trade in that vehicle.
  • Investor fraud: There are various types of stockbroker misconduct that constitute fraud. Some of these include misrepresentations and omissions, unauthorized trading, and recommending unsuitable investments. If you have been the victim of stock fraud, we can file a claim with the appropriate regulatory agency.

Other areas of fraud and misconduct include:

  • Truth-In-Lending Act violations
  • Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act violations
  • Defective Products
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Insurance fraud
  • Unfair repair practices
  • Breach of contract (such as the purchase of a home, vehicle or construction contract)
  • Construction disputes

If you have been the victim of fraud or wrongdoing by a business, corporation, or organization, you are not powerless. If you have been a victim, please contact the experienced consumer fraud lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers today to arrange an appointment.