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Medical malpractice is professional negligence by a healthcare provider that causes an injury or death.  Determining whether or not a doctor’s or nurse’s actions fall below the standard of care can be both difficult and expensive.

The first step in the medical malpractice review process should always involve a thorough analysis of your medical records and the pertinent information regarding your injury, which is often a cumbersome task.

However, many attorneys who “review” potential medical malpractice claims never get as far as the medical records. Often, attorneys and law firms will simply read or listen to the information provided directly by the victim, and then make an “on-the-spot” decision on whether to pursue a more thorough review of the claim.

Because of the time and expense involved in investigating and evaluating these types of claims, as well as the sheer number of potential claims nationwide, it is understandable why many – if not most – medical malpractice claims never receive a thorough review and analysis before being “rejected” by an attorney.

If you choose to use our service, we will provide you with a thorough review and analysis of your claim – even if it has been previously rejected by another law firm.  We always do a thorough review of the claim based on the medical records and information that you provide to us.  We are able to do this because, unlike many law firms, we charge you a flat fee for our time spent analyzing your records and preparing a thorough report.

After we receive your payment and a copy of your complete medical records, we’ll begin reviewing your case.  It usually takes about three weeks to investigate your claim.

If you want a thorough review of your potential medical malpractice claim, please submit the medical malpractice review form today.  We will follow up with you regarding payment. Jacoby & Meyers has offices throughout the U.S.