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For our medical malpractice review service, we charge a flat fee that is determined by the nature of your medical malpractice claim.  We have three different categories of claims:

What type of claim do I have?

If your claim involves an elderly and/or dependant patient, your claim is identified as Elder Care.  There are special elements involved in properly caring for these patients and claims will be reviewed and screened for elder abuse and medical malpractice.

If your claim involves the circumstances leading up to the labor and delivery of your baby, whether the case is in regards to either the mother or the baby, your claim is categorized as an OB/Labor & Delivery case.

All other negligent issues involving a hospital, urgent care facility, physician, nursing care, and staff is considered a General Medical Malpractice claim.

Medical Malpractice Review Service Fees

  • General Medical Malpractice claims: $1,500
  • Elder Care claims: $2,000
  • OB/Labor & Delivery claims: $2,500

If you want a thorough review of your potential medical malpractice claim, please submit the medical malpractice review form today. Jacoby & Meyers has offices throughout the U.S.