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Who is responsible for my child’s birth injury?

Birth injury claims are very difficult to prove, mainly because there are so many people involved in the birth of your child. It is important to determine which medical professional committed the negligent behavior that resulted in your child’s injuries. Depending on the circumstances, doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, or the hospital may be held liable for damages in a birth injury claim.

How can I prove my child’s birth injuries resulted from medical malpractice?

To get the ball rolling, visit our birth injury lawyers for a thorough case analysis. We’ll ask that you give us as much information as possible on what happened in the delivery room. We will carefully review your medical information and interview physicians, nurses and assistants who were involved in your labor and delivery.

Our medical experts will closely examine the events and determine whether or not medical malpractice occurred, and what evidence is available to strengthen your case. Your attorney team with then work to demonstrate how negligence caused your baby’s injuries, what specific actions were unreasonable or negligent, and why you deserve the amount of compensation we are requesting.

What damages are possible in a birth injury case?

Your child may be eligible for expenses designed to cover a lifetime of care if the injuries are permanent and severe. Economic damages may also include funds for specialized education, loss of future earning capacity, and different types of therapy. Parents may be eligible for non-economic damages in the form of compensation for emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. Money damages may be put into a trust and awarded to your child at a certain age.

How can Jacoby & Meyers help a victim of birth injury?

The birth injury lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers can speak up for the rights of your injured child and help your family face the emotional and financial turmoil ahead. We will work hard to investigate your claim and uncover important details. If negligence occurred, we will used time-tested legal strategy to represent your injured child and get you the money you need for specialized, long-term medical care.

Our attorneys and staff understand what a difficult time this is for you, and we’ll do all we can to take some of the financial burden off your shoulders. Let us hold negligent doctors and other medical professionals responsible for what happened to your baby.

Please contact our birth injury lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation. Jacoby & Meyers has offices throughout the U.S.