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Over the years, we have found that many people who have had medical malpractice claims rejected by law firms never received an adequate medical explanation as to why their claims were rejected. In some cases, they might even have actionable claims that were never pursued because the lawyer was not able to invest the time to fully evaluate the claim.

It’s often the small details contained in the medical records that directly affect medical causation and damages. Jacoby & Meyers will find that information, put it in plain English, and write clear, concise reports, bringing the relevant issues front and center.  These reports can help you decide which attorney to hire and give you a better understanding of the nuances in your case’s standard of care.

Jacoby & Meyers will provide you with a brief screening of the records to determine if the elements of negligence or malpractice exist. We’ll establish whether your case has merit through a careful review of the medical records.  We’ll then provide a written report summarizing and documenting the details in your case and the outcome of our review. It will give you a snapshot of the facts of the case and provide assistance in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and potential opposing counsel arguments.

Even if you don’t have an actionable medical malpractice claim, going through this process will help you more thoroughly understand exactly what happened and could help you gain closure.

Once we receive payment and your complete medical records, we will begin our medical malpractice review service.  Our standard response time is three weeks from the date we have received payment in full and your complete medical records.

If you want a thorough review of your potential medical malpractice claim, please submit the medical malpractice review form today. Jacoby & Meyers has offices throughout the U.S.