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The diagnosis of malignant brain tumors must be established, and the persistence of the tumor should be evaluated under the Social Security Administration criteria described in 13.00B and C for neoplastic disease, listed below:

13.00 B. What do we consider when we evaluate malignant neoplastic diseases under these listings? We consider factors such as the:

  1. Origin of the malignancy
  2. Extent of involvement
  3. Duration, frequency, and response to antineoplastic therapy. Antineoplastic therapy means surgery, irradiation, chemotherapy, hormones, immunotherapy, or bone marrow or stem cell transplantation. When we refer to surgery as an antineoplastic treatment, we mean surgical excision for treatment, not for diagnostic purposes
  4. Effects of any post-therapeutic residuals

13.00 C. How do we apply these listings? We apply the criteria in a specific listing to a malignancy originating from that specific site.

In order to be awarded Social Security Disability benefits, a person must be out of work for 12 continuous months. However, if you think there is a chance that you will be out of work for 12 months or more, you should file a claim right away.

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