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Generally, hip replacement surgery is considered by the SSA to be successful. Whether you are having a new hip, knee, or ankle implanted or you are having work done to repair an existing hip, knee, or ankle, the SSA is generally going to consider these operations as successful. To qualify, you must show that the surgery or reconstruction on your hip failed and that you will be unable to walk for a period of 12 months or more. In order to qualify, children must satisfy the same test as an adult.

For this condition to be severe enough to meet the Social Security Administration Administration’s listing, the claimant must have:

  • Documentation showing the failure of reconstructive surgery on the hip, and
  • Be unable to walk effectively on the joint for at least 12 months.

Because the Social Security Administration mostly takes hip replacement as being successful, you are strongly advised to have a lawyer on your side to help prove that you need benefits. A lawyer will help show that you qualify for Social Security benefits because he or she is thoroughly familiar with the Social Security system and how it works.

A professional will help you at all levels of the administrative process to:

  • Assist you with your initial SSI & SSDI application, with filing your request with the Social Security Administration for reconsideration, requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge or filing an appeal with the Appeals Council
  • Analyze your case under federal Social Security Disability regulations. Obtain a copy of your file from the Office of Hearings & Appeals to ensure that it reflects all your past medical treatment and that all records and documents contained therein are admissible as evidence
  • Ask that any prior SSI & SSDI applications for benefits be reopened
  • Protect your right to a fair hearing
  • Make any necessary Social Security appeals

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