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Probation violation, even if minor, is considered a serious offense and may carry penalties as harsh as or worse than those associated with the original crime. To make matters worse, the standard of evidence needed to convict a person of probation violation is easier for prosecutors to meet than the “beyond the reasonable doubt” standard. In some cases, it takes little more than a probation officer’s word to have someone convicted of probation violation.

If you or someone you love has been accused of probation violation, it is crucial to have an experienced and proven criminal defense attorney on your side who can challenge prosecutorial evidence and ensure your case sees the best possible outcome. Please contact Jacoby & Meyers Criminal Defense today for a free, no-obligation consultation with a skilled and effective criminal defense attorney.

Probation Violation & Its Penalties

Failing to check-in with a probation officer, being caught with illegal drugs or a weapon, and being arrested for another crime are all reasons for which a person may be accused of probation violation. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation, an individual may face the following penalties:

  • Revoked probation
  • Incarceration
  • House arrest
  • Harsher terms of probation
  • Heavy fines
  • Mandatory rehabilitation
  • Community service

Individuals who are accused of probation violation must attend a hearing before a judge. At this time, the probation officer typically asks the judge to impose penalties which usually include jail time. The accused can make a case in his or her defense at this time.

How We Can Help

The attorneys of Jacoby & Meyers Criminal Defense have built a reputation as some of the most aggressive and effective criminal defense attorneys in the country. We have helped countless clients with cases ranging from probation violation to murder obtain favorable verdicts.

If you or someone you love has been accused of probation violation, we can help. Please contact the law office of Jacoby & Meyers today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a proven criminal defense attorney who can evaluate your case, devise the most effective plan of action, and ensure you are not unjustly or unduly punished. We have offices throughout the U.S.


There may be a time when your criminal record gets in the way of you living your life. We all make mistakes, but these mistakes should not prevent us from:

  • Getting a job
  • Buying a home
  • Obtaining a professional license

If you are having trouble with moving forward with your life because of your criminal record, you can contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you get an expungement of your criminal record.

Criminal Expungement

A criminal expungement is the legal process to seal a criminal record. A criminal record can never be destroyed or permanently sealed. However, a criminal record can be sealed from public review.

Expungement is usually sought after by those who were never convicted of a crime or who never entered a guilty plea in a case. If you are interested in sealing your criminal record, you must prove to a judge the following:

  • The disadvantage of your record being public harms you more than the public not having access to your record
  • You have been rehabilitated and will not comment another crime
  • Your attempts to find a job, buy a home, or obtain a professional license have been denied
  • Public safety will not be compromised by sealing your criminal record

Sealed court files may be seen by some officials for specific purposes. Those that are allowed to review sealed files include:

  • The police
  • State patrol
  • Other law enforcement officials
  • Certain public officials
  • Immigration authorities

There are certain types of offences that cannot be sealed with a criminal expungement. These offenses include:

Every state has different laws governing criminal expungement. Not all states allow the expungement of criminal records. Each jurisdiction has specific guidelines regarding how an expungement may be filed and who is eligible for an expungement.

Having a lawyer on your side who is experienced and knowledgeable about the certain laws and guidelines for expungement in your area is vital. Please contact the law office of Jacoby & Meyers to set up a consultation with a lawyer to help you. We have offices throughout the U.S.