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Despite the fact that so many boaters ignore them, there are strict rules governing the waterways in order to prevent dangerous and unsafe practices which may lead to a boating accident. The Jacoby & Meyers boating accident legal team can help you and your family aggressively prosecute negligent boaters who’ve caused you pain and suffering.

Boating accidents can be very difficult to litigate. Locating witnesses may take some time, and reconstructing the accident to find out what really happened requires careful planning and unique resources. At Jacoby & Meyers, we know boating laws well and strive to do all we can to protect innocent boaters who are hurt by the negligence of another. If you or a loved one suffered severe or debilitating injuries following a boating accident, trust your claim to our seasoned legal veterans.

Causes of Boating Accidents

The most common causes of boating accidents include:

  • Driver inattention
  • Driver inexperience
  • Speeding
  • Driving while intoxicated

Experienced Boating Accident Representation

Our boating accident lawyers are here to help you through every step of the process. If you haven’t already received medical treatment for your injuries, we can help you find a doctor who can help you begin recovering. Seeking medical attention is also important so that you can document the fact that your injuries were caused by the boating accident.

We will also work with investigators who can recreate the events of your accident in order to demonstrate negligence in court. Our attorneys will handle all interactions with the insurance company so that you can focus on healing. When you work with Jacoby & Meyers, you will have the vast resources of a large national law firm at your disposal to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Please contact our boating accident lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation. Jacoby & Meyers has offices throughout the U.S.