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Over the last few years, motorcycles have gained popularity among consumers because of rising gas prices. Unfortunately, the savings gained on gas also result in a decrease in personal safety. In many cases, the driver of the motorcycle is not to blame for the accident. Seeking the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is very important if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

The Risks of the Road

Because of their size, motorcycles and their riders often do not get the respect they deserve on the road. Many drivers overlook them and do not understand that motorcycle drivers have the same rights to the road as other automobiles. This leads to an increase in accidents. Tragically, many of these motorcycle accidents leave the victims severely injured, paralyzed, or fatally wounded.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there were 5,290 motorcycle accident fatalities in the year 2008. There were also close to 100,000 non-fatal motorcycle accident-related injuries. This number has continued to rise for 11 consecutive years. Approximately half of these fatal accidents involved another vehicle.

Common Causes and Injuries

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are:

  • Other vehicles – Because of the small size of motorcycles, they are easily lost in another driver’s blind spot, especially if they are moving quickly.
  • Weather conditions – Because motorcycles weigh much less than other vehicles, they are much more likely to be involved in an accident during bad weather conditions. Snow, ice, rain, and strong winds are all serious hazards to motorcyclists.
  • Alcohol or drug use – Alcohol and drugs impair the judgment and ability of motorcycle drivers, creating a much higher risk of a motorcycle accident.
  • Speed – The laws of the road apply to motorcycles as well, including speed limits. Unfortunately, a motorcycle’s high level of maneuverability results in many motorcyclists driving much faster than they should. High-speed crashes involving motorcycles can be especially destructive.

The most common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents are:

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle driver, there are a few things that you can do to avoid accidents, such as:

  • Remember that you can often be hidden in car or truck driver’s blind spot. Be careful to avoid riding in this blind spot whenever possible.
  • Always wear the appropriate protective gear, including a helmet. It is even better if your gear is in a bright color that can easily be seen.
  • Remember to use your turn signal when taking turns or changing lanes.
  • Avoid riding in and out of cars when stopped in traffic.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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