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You can leave that up to your auto accident attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers. Our job as a strategic legal force is to assess and evaluate all of the accident details in order to build a strong case. We may utilize medical professionals, accident investigators, and other experts to demonstrate how the other driver’s negligence caused the auto accident and, consequently, your injuries. You can do your part by providing us with as many specific details as possible regarding your accident.

Do I need to deal with the insurance companies directly?

You’ll need to report your auto accident to your insurance company after it has occurred; however, you do not need to go back and forth to negotiate a settlement. Our auto accident attorneys will handle this for you. Be extra cautious that you do not admit fault, agree to a monetary settlement, or divulge accident details that may affect your settlement amount. Your Jacoby & Meyers attorney will deal with the insurance companies so you can focus on recovery.

How can Jacoby & Meyers help me recover from an auto accident?

Our goal with auto accident claims is to take the burden off of your shoulders. You’re undergoing a very difficult time, and we would like to help reduce your stress by taking the financial and legal reigns. Let us deal with the insurance companies and work with medical professionals to find out what your case is worth. With our help, you may be able to get instant access to funds that will help pay for quality medical care as well as cover day-to-day expenses.

What information do I need to obtain after my auto accident?

It is important to obtain the following information before leaving the accident scene:

  • The full names and contact information of all other drivers involved in the auto accident
  • The driver’s license numbers and insurance information for all other drivers
  • The full names and contact information of any witnesses

If possible, it’s a good idea to take photographs of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles as well. If you do not have a camera with you, a cell phone camera will do. You should also notify the police and have an officer fill out an accident report before leaving the scene. Of course, if you or any of the passengers in the vehicle are hurt, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Please contact our auto accident attorneys today to schedule your free initial consultation. Jacoby & Meyers has offices throughout the U.S.