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Few people would think twice about whether or not their window blinds are safe. Sadly, however, in many cases they are not.

For the past thirty years, the window coverings industry has been made aware that corded, looped window blind cords pose a serious and often deadly threat to children. Despite this knowledge, however, the industry has continued to design, manufacture, and sell blinds with these dangerous cords.

With these cords, babies and small children can easily stick their head through the looped part of the window blind cord and hang themselves, causing serious injuries, including irreversible brain injuries and death. While the window covering industry is aware of and acknowledges the risks of these types of cords, many manufacturers and retailers continue to manufacture them and sell them to consumers.

If you have been affected by this problem, it is important that you seek legal remedy as soon as possible to preserve your rights. While your losses can never be fully recovered by monetary awards alone, families who have suffered losses do have a right to compensation, and corporations which act with disregard to public safety issues often respond only when their actions become unprofitable for them. By filing a defective product lawsuit, you can help hold negligent manufacturers accountable so that these injuries do not happen in the future.

If your family has suffered as a result of a dangerous looped window blind cord, the attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers will review your case with you in detail and help you determine how best to move forward.

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