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Accidents involving excavator couplers are rare, but when they occur they are likely to result in catastrophic injuries and death. Couplers are used to attach buckets to a hydraulic excavator quickly, safely, and securely; with proper training and maintenance, these couplers have an excellent safety record.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers and owners forgo these safety measures to speed up their jobs and maximize profits, leaving construction site workers in serious danger and drastically increasing the risk of a construction accident.

In most cases, excavator coupler accidents involve unintentional bucket releases that can injure and kill workers below and may put the excavator operator at risk of a turnover accident. An OSHA warning issued in 2005 warns specifically of the risks of excavator coupler malfunctions that could be prevented by simple use of a manual locking pin that is often available through manufacturers.

With large earth moving equipment such as this, it is important that manufacturers and employers take all steps necessary to ensure workers’ safety. In the case of excavator coupler accidents, these safety precautions are usually simple and easy to implement.

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