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Bucket trucks, sometimes referred to as “cherry pickers,” are used by electric and phone companies. They are trucks that have an extendable arm with a bucket on the end. Workers are lifted in the bucket to do work up high on electrical, cable and phone lines.

Bucket Truck Defects

Inadequate or damaged insulation between the bucket and the ground can result in electrocution and electrical burns if the bucket makes contact with a live power line. Control handles and boom tips should always be insulated to prevent electrocution. Electrocution injuries can be catastrophic or deadly.

A poorly designed or defective bucket or bucket extension system can cause workers to be dropped or thrown from the bucket. Undecking, or bolt failure, can cause the entire boom to collapse. Either type of accident can result in severe falling injuries including:

Electrocution is a known risk of working in bucket trucks. Good insulation and safety devices are available and can be used when making bucket trucks, but manufacturers often forgo these safety measures in order to cut down on expense.

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