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U-Haul is the only company that will rent moving trailers to be towed by an SUV. All other companies require trailers be towed by a heavier vehicle. This, along with poor maintenance, lack of brake systems, and lack of anti-sway devices has resulted in numerous auto accidents involving rollover of the towing vehicles.

Weight Ratio

In order to safely tow and maintain control, the towing vehicle must be heavier than the loaded trailer. U-Haul only requires that the towing vehicle be as heavy as the trailer, not heavier. They do not inform their customers of the importance of the towing vehicle’s weight and the fact that what they haul will affect their safety.


Independent braking systems can greatly increase control over a trailer and reduce the risk of auto accidents. U-Haul has actually removed these braking systems from their trailers so they won’t have to spend the money to maintain them.

Poor Maintenance

Even a trailer with the proper braking system, adequate safety devices, and a good vehicle-to-trailer weight ratio can easily wreck if maintenance has been overlooked. U-Haul has a history of failing to inspect and maintain its trailers.

No Ford Explorers

Interestingly, U-Haul will not allow its trailers to be towed by Ford Explorers; any other type of SUV is allowed. The company claims that it is not a safety issue, but that it is due to the expense of defending numerous lawsuits involving Ford Explorers.

Experienced Defective Auto Lawyers

If you have been injured as a result of an auto accident caused by a defective U-Haul trailer, the defective auto attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers will put the resources of a large national law firm to work for you, ensuring that your rights will be protected from the negligent actions of others.

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