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Manganese is often found in welding rod fumes. For more than 100 years, manganese has been linked with Parkinson’s disease. Prolonged exposure to welding smoke has been associated with manganese poisoning and serious short-term and long-term health effects and may cause damage to the welder’s lungs, heart, kidney, and central nervous system.

Brad A. Racette, a neurologist at Washington University, conducted a study on a group of welders suffering from Parkinson’s. Dr. Racette reported in 2001 that welding might trigger an early onset of the Parkinson’s disease.

Some welders have contracted Manganism. Manganism now appears to be associated with Parkinson’s disease.

If you have been exposed to welding rod fumes and subsequently contracted Parkinson’s disease or Manganism, you may have a claim or a lawsuit to recover money damages against the manufacturers of the defective products (welding rods) that caused the injury. If you have been exposed to welding rod fumes and do not yet have symptoms, the lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers can provide you with information about a simple test to determine if you may have a problem in the future.

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