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Cab guards, also called bulkhead guards or headache racks, protect drivers of large commercial trucks and their passengers from shifting loads that could protrude into the occupant space of the vehicle. By law, they are required in large commercial trucks such as logging trucks that pull flat bed trailers.

Cab Guard Defects

Poor design, inadequate welding, and improper installation can all cause cab guards to fail. Cab guards can weaken over time without showing any signs of defect until they fail.

When a cab guard fails, cargo that slams forward during a truck accident or during sudden maneuvers such as braking or swerving can protrude into the cab of the truck, and the results are often fatal.

Federal laws require a minimum strength in cab guards to protect truck drivers and their passengers, but many cab guard manufacturers cut corners and do not live up to these standards. Sadly, defective cab guards typically go undetected until someone is seriously injured or killed.

Experienced Defective Vehicle Representation

The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve if your injuries were caused by a defective cab guard. We have handled many defective vehicle claims, and our lawyers have the experience needed to ensure that negligent manufacturers are held accountable for their actions.

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