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As with other products designed for babies and small children, safety should be the overriding concern in both the design and manufacture of high chairs.

Unfortunately, several models of high chairs have been recalled in recent years due to defects in the design of the high chair, in the manufacturing process, or both. Some common types of defect found in various high chair models include the following:

  • Insufficient stability, which can cause high chairs to tip or fall loose from their frames, causing falls and injuries to babies and small children
  • Poor locking mechanisms, which can cause folding chairs to collapse, causing both falls and pinching injuries
  • Inadequate design attention to stability of the chair, which can result in a too-high center of gravity and contribute to falls and subsequent injuries
  • Insufficient restraints, which can cause a baby or child to free him or herself from the chair, leading to falls and other dangerous accidents

If your baby or child has suffered injuries that may be attributable to defects in the design, manufacture, or instructions for your child’s high chair, you may have recourse to collect compensation for your family’s losses. The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers can evaluate your case to determine if you have a valid defective product claim.

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